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Unhappy with your Body? The secret key is from within... 

Your Inner Peace is the combination of what your mind projects and your body becomes. When the mind and body play their roles, one sows and the other reaps, enjoying the harvest of a good healthy life for you; your Inner Peace.

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Health & Beauty is an industry that earned 3.65 trillion dollars in 2019 alone. The ancient Chinese word "MEI" translated into modern day means Beauty lies in the "MIND", take care of your "EXTERNAL", provide the right ingredient for your "INTERNAL". With that said, joining this industry through product distribution businesses could be your prime opportunity to make a six-figure income!

Ever since the pandemic began, people have been flocking to start online businesses. However, the products they sell (on platforms Lazada, Amazon, etc.) are mostly just electronics, clothes, and accessories. In other words, resold products that can easily be found in regular retail shops. Now, what if we told you that you could do something different?

If you wish to find out how to start your own distribution channel and sell relevant Health & Beauty products, just click the link below! Topic covered will include: 

  • How to test whether a health & beauty product really works.

  • How to find out whether a health & beauty product is safe and natural to use.

  • How to obtain health & beauty products for free (after becoming a successful product user and influencer) and how to turn those products into a six-figure income business.

  • Your Network

    Does your social network represent your net worth?

    Personal branding through social media helps people build social networks online. With that said, have you been keeping tabs with your social network? Who are you to your followers? Are you being a forward-moving social influencer who’s capable of using your social network to accurately represent your net worth? 

    If we’ve caught your attention, check out our Micaela Entrepreneurship Program to learn more about influence and build your entrepreneurship skills!


    About Jei Munn , Managing Director of DMS group of companies & Activist in Business Networking International & BRA-Power and Transformation

    Jei Munn is a an accountant by profession and armed with closed to 25 years of experienced in sourcing the state of art medical equipment and wellness device, networking, and people development industry experience. Aside from that, Jei Munn is multilingual (speaks 4 languages). 

    Because of her strong desire to provide the better life to humankind from her passion and knowledge in sourcing the best product for the communities. Jei Munn has never stopped learning, absorb, and integrate multitudes of information across different industries to implement business concepts and strategies. She is constantly think out of the box and creates work life balance approach for her strategic associate partners.

    With her experienced in medical trading industry, Jei Munn is capable of hosting workshops, seminars for medical professionals and communities.  


    Email: [email protected]

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